Standard River Quiver (10'4)

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Mounting Options

River Quiver Mounts

Versatile mounting options make it possible to fit a River Quiver onto nearly any vehicle crossbars


Standard Mount

Mount Time: 10-15 Minutes

Added Total Height (including River Quiver Extrusions): 5”

Crossbars thicker than 1.5” require

Extended Bolts (Sold Separately)

Can be Secured with Locking Bolts (Sold Separately)

Mini Ratchet OR 4mm Allen Key

-10mm Nut Driver


Low-Profile T-Track

Mount Time: 7 Minutes

Added Total Height (including River Quiver Extrusions): 3"

Mounts Directly to Any T-Track System

Best for Overlanding Vehicles

Secured with Unique Key Driver (Included)

Mini Ratchet OR 4mm Allen Key

-10mm Nut Driver


Quick Release

Mount Time: 3 Minutes

Added Total Height (including River Quiver Extrusions): 4”

Quick and convenient Installation

Secured to Roof Rack With Lock and Key (Included)

Mini Ratchet OR 4mm Allen Key


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Returns

The best-selling #1 rated fly rod roof rack in the world. We have designed the most secure rear entry molded reel box fly rod holder available. Able to withstand shock, wind, & impact loads.

  • Standard Length River Quiver
  • Reel Box Pads
  • River Quiver Keys
  • Top and Bottom Coupler & Bolts
  • Mounts and Hardware
  • QR Card Installation Guide
  • Installation Multi-Tool
  • Length: 10'5 3/4" (accommodates rods up to 10'4")
  • Width: 2-Banger 8", 4-Banger 14.2”
  • Height: 7.4”
  • Height off Crossbar: 3 3/8" - 6" Depending on Mounts
  • Weight: 2-Banger 22 lbs, 4-Banger 44 lbs
  • Versatile Mounting Solutions
  • Holds rods up to 10' 4" length
  • Holds rods and reels up to 12 weight capacity
  • Lined with polypropylene liner to protect rods in transit
  • T-track on top and bottom of extrusion for mounting

Features & Benefits

River Quiver Design

Considered to be The Best Fly Rod Roof Rack on the Market. The River Quiver sports superior functionality and strength in all its details and at the same time conceals its technological superiority within a sophisticated exterior design. The River Quiver is understated, sleek and timeless. It compliments all vehicles from the roughest off-road truck to a shiny luxury SUV to a fleet of professional fly fishing guide or fishing outfitter vehicles.



Check out our complete user manual and installation videos to get get started

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The River Quiver is designed to fit most commercial roof rack systems. In fact, Riversmith engineers haven’t yet found a commercial rack that doesn’t fit.We completed a thorough review of multiple brands and styles of rack to make sure there were no limitations with our product. If the height of crossbars is over 1 3/8” it will require extended bolts. 

Durability and quality were top priorities when developing the River Quiver. It is a product built to last - our engineers have made sure of it through endless testing. We are so sure of the quality and durability of this product that we offer the “Locked & Loaded” limited lifetime warranty free of charge; we want your customers to feel 100% comfortable transporting their gear with the River Quiver.

Mini Ratchet: Speeds installation of your River Quiver. Includes 4mm Hex Bit to install Mounting Bolts and Coupler Bolts. Also fits Mount Lock Key Bit to speed installation of Mount Lock.

10 mm Nut Driver: A 10mm Nut Driver is required to fasten the mounting bracket.

The spacer kit is available for configurations that require the River Quiver to be mounted higher than the standard mounts allow, such as a car with a spoiler or lift gate. This gives it additional space for the River Quiver to fit securely on the vehicle while not being intrusive. Most rear gates can be cleared without a spacer kit as long as you measure for installation with the gate open.

Our Standard Mount can be upgraded with custom locking bolts. This lock system consists of unique bolt heads and matching key. The mount lock further secures the River Quiver to a roof rack, providing additional peace of mind that your gear will stay where you left it. Additionally, the Quick Release Mounts do come with a unique keyed lock and the Low-Profile Mounts include security bolts for additional convenience and security when mounting your River Quiver.

Extended Mounting Bolts are used to fit larger than normal roof rack bars. If the height of crossbars is over 1 3/8” it will require extended bolts.  These bolts are an extended version of the standard mounting bolts that attach the River Quiver mounting bracket to your roof rack. They are 1'' longer in case you have installed a Spacer Kit with your River Quiver fly rod holder or have larger than normal crossbars. We also have the high-security version of the Locking Extended Mount Bolts.

You do need a roof rack with 2 crossbars to attach the River Quiver to your vehicle. If you own a pickup truck, cross bars are not required. Check our Truck Bed ShortCut here.

The short answer is yes, but it all depends on the cross-bar system you have on your vehicle. We have three different mounting options that will accommodate all different roof rack styles and your specific needs. To read more about these mounting options, please click here.

You can most definitely keep the River Quiver on year-round. We designed it to ensure you can have your rod rigged at the ready no matter the time of year you are fishing.

The River Quiver can accommodate spey/switch rods with a minor tweak to how the reel sits on the rod. Simply connect the reel on the back butt section with either a reel cover or rubber band. When you arrive at your fishing destination all you need to from here is to re-attach reel into the reel seat and you are off fishing.

Yes, most SUV's with a hatch require the RIver Quiver to be mounted with both brackets on rear half of the coupler. This is okay and does not affect the functionality of the unit.

Double Barrel

Tube Construction

Custom Designed


The best-selling #1 rated fly rod roof rack in the world.

Not all rooftop fly rod holders are equal. River Quiver is the #1 choice of fishing guides, outfitters and retailers. These are professionals who fish every day and choose the best equipment available. Invest in the best, not necessarily the cheapest.

As fly fishers ourselves, we were not satisfied with the quality or functionality of roof rack fly rod holders that were available so we set out with our team of mechanical engineers to design and build a better fly rod holder for truck and car not just in some ways but in every way. From the basic and hugely important task of being hard to break into down to the smallest detail of fit & finish. And, oh yeah, it's all packaged in a sleek and sophisticated design that makes you and your rig look pro. The River Quiver line of fly fishing rod roof racks - burly strong, super functional and visually striking rooftop rod holders that are built to maximize your fishing and built to last.


High-security tongue and groove joint makes it almost impossible to break or enter the reel box. Made with AES polymer, this design resists all attempts at destruction.

Ease of Use

Side-swing door with a unique “hold-open hinge” makes a huge difference to the functionality and enjoyment of owning the best fly fishing equipment you can buy.


Our design is able to withstand shock, wind &, impact loads while still being lighter to install and less load on your vehicle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Britani Ellison
Best birthday present!

I got this for my husband for his birthday and he LOVES it!!

I wish I would have gotten this for him sooner. Having this has upped his fishing game now that he can quickly bounce from fishing spot to fishing spot without disassembling he’s fly rod.

Super easy to put together and mount also!

Amanda Willshire
Light, easy to install, nice and quiet

I recently made the change from a bulkier rod box to the River Quiver Four Banger. The new rod vault was easy to unbox and move each of the two large pieces by myself. The short, instructional video that is accessible via a QR code in the instructions was a breeze to follow. I was able to assemble the River Quiver solo only needing another person to lift it on top of my lifted truck. It is so quiet compared to my old rod box! This is a major factor for me.
The install was so easy I helped a friend install her new River Quiver a few days later on her 4Runner. We had it done in 15 minutes.
Some tools I recommend to have on hand for a quick install:
10 mm hex nut driver
mini ratchet
weather stripping/adhesive foam (to protect and pad your rack bars)

Andrew Canchola
Ready… Set… River!!!

I just picked up a silver 4 banger with quick release mounts and am in love with it! It was super easy to set up and install and I could not be more happy with it!

Not only does it look absolutely beautiful, but they thought about every little detail when designing it. This is by far the best rod vault out on the market!

My experience with customer support was next level and they helped me put together exactly what I wanted! I would 100% recommend!

Stu M
Experience mother nature to heal...

Thanks again, I have my two River Quivers mounted on two Subaru Outbacks. I'm a disabled veteran and I welcome veterans to my place on the Elk River to heal. This past spring, I hosted WVU Veterans/Fly Fishing Team. I'm very fortunate and want for them to experience mother nature to heal as I have.

Makes life easier

I have two 4-banger River Quivers on my truck and it makes traveling with several rods in tow a piece of cake. Typically if I am heading out on a multi-day trip or even a day of fishing multiple fisheries I will have one quiver full of my rods and I leave the second unit for my friend's rods. I have added the reel box pads for an element of added protection for my reels but I typically keep the reels in their cases as well. Very easy to assemble and install thanks to well thought-out directions along with a video assembly to follow along with if that's more your style.

Having two of these a top your vehicle is a bit of a statement if you're not a guide, but any flack you may catch falls to the wayside when you know how much easier it makes packing and preparing for a day or multiple days of fishing, not to mention the fact that having a rigged rod ready to go as soon as you park allows for more time on the water... that's just science.

Rest at ease knowing your rods are protected, rigged and ready to go with a Quiver.

Tools & Add-Ons