Riversmith Round Up: Part II

Riversmith Round Up: Part II

Riversmith Round Up Recap – Part II

In this next installment of the Riversmith Roundup Recap, we’ll spend a bit of time taking a look at ‘what’ we were up to.  Here is a bird's eye view from day #2.  

Editor’s Note: This is a three-part photo essay to capture the fun and adventure we had in August of 2023.  All photos and video were provided by John IsolaMatt HartmanAndy Braker, Mari Tobler, and Will Rice. If you missed Part I of the series, CLICK HERE.

We wanted to spend time with our Ambassadors out on the water and get their impressions of our new Swiftcast Rod Holder first hand.

Swiftcast Fly Rod Holder mounted on raft somewhere in colorado
Riversmith Ambassador Mike Pogoda and his raft for fly fishing
low angle view of Swiftcast Fly Rod holder for fishing rafts
Gearing up for the float.
Matt Hartman looking for fish downstream.

In addition to time in the raft, we also fished smaller water and nearby creeks. 

fly fishing scouting somewhere in colorado
Riversmith's Rick Mikesell fly fishing somewhere in Colorado
Rick Mikesell wades in.

And yes... fish were indeed found.  Stay tuned for Part III of the Riversmith Roundup Recap....

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