Riversmith Round Up: Part III

Riversmith Round Up: Part III

Riversmith Round Up Recap – Part III 

In this final blog post we'll capture the week spent somewhere in Colorado and spend a little time talking about why this type of trip and our Ambassador program is such an important part of our DNA here at Riversmith. 

Riversmith Roundup 2023
Editor’s Note: This is a three-part photo essay to capture the fun and adventure we had in August of 2023.  All photos by John IsolaMatt HartmanAndy Braker, Mari Tobler, and Will Rice.  Jump back to Part I & Part II if you missed them...
Dual mounted River Quivers on Ambassador Mike Pogoda's rig
Mike Pogoda... cranking!

Riversmith is here to serve both those new to the sport and well-seasoned.  Freshwater & salt.  Dry fly purists & streamer junkies. Bluegill to tarpon.  Our team of product designers and engineers have developed fly fishing products and accessories that will help you maximize your time on the water and protect what’s important – your time, gear and experience.

Fly Fishing Catch and Release somewhere in Colorado
Safe release.

The goal of the Riversmith Ambassador program is to have fly fishing subject matter experts out in local markets helping to represent Riversmith and our mission.

Riversmith Ambassador, photographer and angler John Isola
John Isola

One of the most critical components of the Riversmith Ambassador Program is gear testing our products and providing the Riversmith Customer Experience and Design Team critical feedback. In addition to feedback on new and existing products, they help the Riversmith Team better understand problems that anglers are trying to solve – and new ways our products can solve those problems.

Riversmith Ambassador, filmmaker and angler Andy Braker somewhere in Colorado
Andy Braker testing products.

"The Riversmith Round up event was one for the books," said John Isola."It was really awesome getting to meet the other ambassadors and the entire Riversmith team. I couldn't imagine the fishing being any better than it was and everything worked out so perfectly. It's a trip I'll remember for a long time to come." 

But more importantly, Riversmith wants to help elevate our Ambassadors across a national footprint to help our Ambassadors grow their business, extend their reach and to help any local causes that they are working on.

Fly Fishing from a raft
Isola and Pogoda taking a lunch break.

“It was great to meet everyone on the riversmith team," said Mike Pagoda.  "I loved how effortless it was to fish and hang out with everyone and how we all instantly bonded. Glad I was able to come down and make the connection and memories with everyone. I’m stoked about seeing and hearing about the future of the company and even more excited to be a part of such a great team!” 

brown trout on the fly somewhere in colorado
fly fishing from a raft
Wrapping it up.

And sometimes, to pull all of this together there is no better way to do this than get out and spend some quality time on the water.  

Stay tuned to the Riversmith blog for more fishing adventures with our Ambassador Team and to learn the latest-and-greatest about our new products that are on the horizon.  

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